Magic Filing - Terms of Service

Updated 10/31/2012

Magic Filing agrees to furnish services to the Subscriber, subject to the following Terms of Service. Use of Magic Filing's service constitutes acceptance and agreement to Magic Filing's Terms of Service.

  1. The Company

    Magic Filing exists to provide secure, private and online data storage to individuals and organizations.

  2. The Service

    You will be provided with document storage and support for a monthly fee based on the plan you select. You may cancel at any time for any reason with no penalties or future obligation. If you cancel within 7 days of paying the monthly fee you will receive a full refund to the credit card you paid with.

  3. Invoicing and Payment

    You agree that Magic Filing shall be permitted to charge your credit card on a monthly or other agreed upon basis in advance of providing services. Payment is due upon invoicing. Service may be interrupted on accounts that are past due. Subscriber is aware that Magic Filing may prospectively change the specified rates and charges from time to time. Magic Filing is not responsible for any additional bank fees, interest charges, finance charges, over draft charges, or other fees resulting from charges billed by Magic Filing. Currency exchange settlements will be based on agreements between you and the provider of your credit card.

  4. Privacy

    Magic Filing will send emails to you regarding your use of the Service. Magic Filing will email parties that you share your documents with in order to notify them that you have shared a document with them. Those emails will reference your name and email address. Otherwise your email address will not be released to anyone.

    Magic Filing does not store credit card information, required credit card data that you provide is passed over an SSL encrypted link to our PCI compliant card processor.

    Magic Filing personnel do not have access to your password and cannot examine the contents of Subscriber documents unless a Subscriber has specifically authorized access to a document to facilitate a support request.

    Subscriber documents are always encrypted in transit and when stored on Magic Filing systems.

    No form of data about our Subscribers or their documents will ever be divulged to any 3rd party, law enforcement officer or agency without order served directly by a US court having jurisdiction. Immediate notice will be given to any Subscriber named in such a court order, and access to their documents will not be interrupted unless specifically barred by the court order.

  5. Acceptable Use Policy

    The Magic Filing Acceptable Use Policy is an effort to comply with all federal, state and local laws, as well as as to protect the physical and logical security, and continuity, of the systems that Magic Filing runs and the services that Magic Filing offers. You are responsible for the actions of all users of your account and any data that is created, stored, displayed by, or transmitted by your account while using Magic Filing. Magic Filing Subscribers agree not to store data on Magic Filing systems that violates US law, the state laws of any state in which Magic Filing does business in, or the local laws of any localities Magic Filing does business in. Magic Filing Subscribers also agree not to participate in, or aid others in, accessing any Magic Filing computer system in a manner that it is not already being made accessible in, or accessing any Subscriber data that is not their own.

  6. Lack of Guarantees

    Magic Filing provides the services listed above, and any other services provided in the future on a BEST EFFORTS BASIS. NO GUARANTEES ARE EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED related to data retention, integrity, continuance, or availability. Your data may become unavailable, or be destroyed by any number of events, not limited to fire, floods, acts of terrorism, or other manmade or natural disasters. Magic Filing describes and refers to, in its communications and in documentation and by other means, numerous Magic Filing and third party software applications, methods and practices. You agree that Magic Filing makes no representation, claim or promise that these pieces of software provide any level of function, are safe, are secure, or are fit for any purpose whatsoever.

  7. Notice of Termination

    In the extremely unlikely event that Magic Filing ceases to operate this product and service, we will notify our Subscribers 60 days in advance of any service termination.

  8. Reservation of Rights

    Magic Filing reserves the right to refuse service to any person or organization for any reason, and reserves the right to terminate the service of any existing Subscriber for any reason.